Simone de Beauvoir once said:

"You are not born a Woman, you become one..."

These words questioned my own sense of Feminity , the thoughts and feelings I experienced.
Photography has been the medium with which I have been exploring the perspective of being a woman with images that pinpoint moments all Women embody...
I have also attempted to express thoughts typical of my gender eyeing men in a feminine manner.

The camera has become an extension of my soul, in search of that perfect balance between my Heart, Mind and Sight when a scene resonates to undeniable Harmony.
The world around us is in constant motion pulsating with movement, change and challenges from which I find inspiration.

Ultimately, my quest echoes the thought of Robert Doisneau:

"The world I was trying to present was one where I would feel good
where people would be friendly, where I could feel the tenderness I longed for.
My photos were like a proof that such a world could exist...."